The Origin of Dunukofia People by Chief Osondu Odionu

The Dunukofia People


The Dunukofia domain comprises the five patri

The Dunukofia territory occupies an area approximately
300 square ki

ities of Ukpo, Ifite-Dunu, Umunnachi, Umudioka and
ulu, in order of seniority. They are the children of a
mmon ancestor Dunu who was the son of Okofia. Hence the
people have fron; time immemor
ial been known as Dunukofia
(a shortended from of Dunu-Okofia o
r Dunu-nwa-Okofia).
lies north to south-westwards along the Enugu
itsha old road, from kilometer 50 to kilometer 20 (measured
to O
nitsha). It is bounded on the west by Ogbunike, Umunya
and Awk
uzu (Oyi Local Government Area, with Abba
(Njikoka Local Government Area) incepting in the mid-west of
the Dunukofia clan and encircled on the south by Ifite-Dunu
and east to north-westward by Ukpo and Ukwulu, and by
zu (Oyi) on the west, the Abba community being oddly
laced under Njikoka Local Government administration with
headquarters at Abagana, without a corridor to the area. The
Dunukofia clan furth
er borders on the south-east with Ogidi,
iowelle (Idem iIi-North Local Government Area) and
na (Njikoka) on the north-west to north-east, and with
zu (Oyi), Igbariam (Anambra-east), Achalla, Isu
ha, Urum (Awka-North) and Enugwu-Agidi (Njikoka)
on the north-west to the north direction.
lometers, with a total human population of some
150,000 and a population density of 500 persons per square
lometer. Along the south-eastern tip, the Mkpukpa and the
Ngene streams demarcate the Umunnachi section
of Dunukofia
from the Adagbe-Abagana for a distance. At Ukpo-Mmi
li in 


Ogba-Ogbunike into the Niger.

Some oral tradition traces the n

fite-Dunu, the Nwofufe stream said to be mother and source of
e Nkisi River courses its way south-west to join the Oka
spring at Nkwelle- Umunnachi and the Mkpukpa waterfalls at
Umudioka before
flowing into the mainstream Nkisi through ine communities of

Agukwu-Nri, Dunukofia, Enugwu

Agu Nri."

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-Ukwu, Nimo, Eziowelle,
Umudunu-Abagana, Abacha, Oraukwu and aboriginal sections
of Abatete as having a common abori
ginal ancestor, known as
gwo-Olila (so-called by virtue of his sleek snake-like
movements in the thick forests) with Nri as undisputed senior,
followed by Okofia
. The mother of Agwo-Olilia was a woman
of extra-ordinary prowess, called Owelle
. The kingship title of
Owelle chosen by the kings or Igwes of Nimo and E
and as chieftaincy title by If
ite-Dunu and the others is said to
be a tribute to this legendary mother of mothers
. And the
presence of Owelle-ani and Umudunu kindreds in Nsukwu
Abatete for example is a vocal pointer to a cognate
relationship. It is also significant that the aboriginal name of
Oraukwu was
"Ifite Egbe na Dunu" alternating with "Orokwu , Dunu the son of Okofia was cast

for greatness, he had his ancestral home,

obi, at Obi-Dunu
close to the Oka ri
vulet at Ukpo-mmili in lfite-Dunu, which he
inherited from his father Okofia by right of succession. Dunu is
said to have married two wi
ves called Obunma and Ayolo.
a was the senior of the two wives. Obunma was the
mother of Ukpo
, lfite-Dunu and Ukwulu, while Ayolo was the
mother of Umunnachi and Umudioka
. Their order of seniority
is Ukpo
, lfite, Umunnachi, Umudioka and Ukwulu. Obunma
and Ayolo a
re said to have been married from a lineage in
-Nri and Adama, respectively, in an age of incestuous


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